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Are Banner Ads Dead?

Many people believe that banner ads have been dead for quite a few years now. But others have the philosophy that it has taken on a different form: native advertising. Banner ads used to stick out like a sore thumb. Now, however, they are incorporated to be an expected part of the viewer’s digital experience. Native advertising has higher click-throughs.

The key to remember here is that the quality of your banner ad will determine its success. The right banner ad displayed on the right mediums will get you the viewership you’re looking for.

Read on as we look at the reasons why banner ads still have a place in your digital display advertising strategy.

Banner Ads Surpass Ad Blocks

Many users now make use of ad blockers to avoid seeing any ads while they browse online. However, many labels, including big names like Forbes, require all users to disable their adblockers to view any content. This means that your banner ad will still get some visibility.

Also, remember that viewers will be inclined to enable ad-blockers only if they have to view terrible banner ads. It’s your job to make your banner ads of superior quality (and obviously, show them to the relevant audience).

Click-Throughs Are Dependent on Quality

Many marketers claim that the click-through rate with banner ads is extremely low. This speaks more of the quality of the ad since it has managed to get lost in the clutter among all the other ads around yours.

Just remember that a click-through rate of 40% or so is still not achievable through just banner ads, so make sure to set realistic goals.

Banner Ads Don’t Have to Be Images

Of late, banner ads have started picking up because they combine audio and video into something worth watching. With most digital viewers having a very short attention span, they’ll be more willing to watch your clip or hear the audio than to read the text. In fact, research has shown that companies have been directing billions of dollars of ad-spend as of 2019 towards video advertising.

Engage Your Relevant Audience

By studying the market, finding out the attitude and behavior of your target audience, and creating current, updated campaigns, you’ll be able to find interested viewers. Banner ads are a creative platform for you to tell your brand’s story and engage your audience.

Create the Right Banner Ads

The problem with banner ads previously was that they were boring and irrelevant. But with the right research and creative skills, you can create captivating banner ads. If you can’t take care of the job in-house, find freelancers for banner ads who are updated on market trends and have the right software to take care of the job for you.


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