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Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

Many people believe that hiring a web development company is easier and more reliable than hiring freelancers. After all, you have an entire team of people working for you, and you have a reliable brand name to keep you content. However, freelance web designers offer some benefits that you won’t get from an agency:

1. They Are Less Expensive

Small businesses have a limited spending budget, and most freelancers don’t have an office (they work from home). Therefore, the price they charge you will primarily be for their skill, effort, and time. Agencies, on the other hand, will consider several factors. These include rent for office space, training of employees, paying salaries, and purchasing various hardware and software. All this means that you’ll end up paying a significantly higher price for web development agencies.

2. They Offer Quality & Consistency

Most freelancers have a wide portfolio. Not only are they skilled at web development, but they’ll also probably be good at photography, graphic designing, content development, and so on. Moreover, if you have the same freelancer doing all this, your web design and content will be consistent and cohesive. Even if your freelancer isn’t multi-talented, they’ll be able to help. They usually have a solid network with others in the field and will still deliver according to your requirements.

Most web development agencies work on multiple large-scale projects at the same time. They’ll prioritize the ones important to them. If you’re a small business, you’ll be at the bottom of the food chain. Freelancers work either on a single project at a time or a handful of them. They will put maximum effort into each one.

3. You Can Communicate With Them Easily

Most freelancers don’t operate according to the traditional 9-5 working hours. This means that you can reach out to them easily via text message, email, or even a phone call. You’ll get your answers immediately, even if it’s late at night.

With web development companies, there will an intermediary conveying your messages to the developer. The longer the chain of communication, the longer the job will take.

4. They Are More Efficient

Since there is a direct line of communication, you can get the freelancer to make any changes quickly. Freelancers will only be working only on your project (or a few more), and they’ll deliver the web content faster. At times, they may work long nights to get your project done on time.

5. You’ll get Newer Ideas

Freelancers aren’t bound by any organizational regulations. They are likely to be more innovative with their ideas. While web development companies are also innovative and have the latest market info, they do work within set guidelines. They also work on multiple projects and deadlines, so they’ll have less room to be creative.


Not all freelancers are alike. In order to find one who is reliable and has the right skill set, you need to read reviews, find good references, and then make your decision. Most freelancers will also be ready to work on future projects with you. They will keep in touch, even after designing your website.

As a small business, your budget doesn’t allow for any extras. With freelancers, you’ll only pay for the services you need.


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