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‘See It, Gram It:’ Building Your Brand with Instagram

At first, Instagram was just an addendum to the already saturated market of social media apps. There just weren’t enough users to go around! But then something happened and having a Smartphone in your hand with every single app installed became the norm. Today, it stands as the second most popular photo-sharing app in the world.

If you are a business-owner, this means great things for you! Your brand image and identity can be built and developed without you having to spend much. Here’s how to get started. Here’s how you can do some brand-building on Instagram.

Photos that Blow Them Away

Above all, Instagram is about photography. If you aren’t able to impress your audience in one look, you better look somewhere else for comfort. On the ‘gram, you get only once chance to capture the attention of your target audience before it sways somewhere else. Make sure that the photos you put up are high-quality and colorful, intriguing those who visit your page or find you in ‘Explore’ or ‘Sponsored Content.’

Audience Interaction

Let’s suppose you’ve started posting gorgeous images on your Instagram. Here, the next step is engaging with anyone that comments, shares, or sends you a direct message. The more responsive you are, the better your customer service.

Regular Posting & Engagement

You can’t start-up your account and then forget about it for days at a time. Instagram etiquette dictates that you post regularly so as to appear frequently in your followers’ homepage. You can also post a discount or competition from time to time so as to engage the audience even more and building a huge following.

Hashtag and Tricks

Instagram uses hashtags to sort user data in neat little boxes. This enables your target market to reach you easily. If you use the right type and amount of hashtags, users who are interested will make it to you business account.

The ‘follow hashtags’ feature can make it work even better. App users can ‘follow’ hashtags, and if you have used one that someone has subscribed to, your post will show up directly on their newsfeed.

Story Feature

Instagram used to be all about square pictures. Today, trumped by user demand, their features include vertical posting as well. The story feature (photos that last 4 hours only), live video, and IGTV have overtaken the platform, with every brand using them to its advantage. You can use these features to humanize the brand in the consumer eye and give off the impression that you’re modern, cool, and hip!

Social media or not, building a brand can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Remember that you may have to practice a little patience even if you follow all these tips. But sooner or later, you will find yourself on top of the game! Good luck.


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