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Category: UX & UI

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What Should Be on the Home Page of a Website?

The most important page of the website is the home page. Most visitors will arrive here, and it mostly depends on the quality of this page whether they stay or not.

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What Is Above the Fold and Why Is It Important?

Above the fold is the web page’s top part, which visitors see immediately without scrolling. It is one of the essential parts of the homepage.

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What Is a Brief, and Why Is It So Important?

A brief is a document that contains detailed information about the project. It’s a series of questions related to the business and the work to be performed, which must be filled out by the business owner. The brief greatly helps the web designer to plan appropriately. When creating a website or a logo/brand, it must […]

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Graphic Designing for Small Businesses

The success of a small business depends on the decisions you make along the way. There are certain steps in the initial stages that you need to focus on. One of these is solid graphic design.

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Important Features of an E-Commerce Website

Online shopping; a beautiful lovechild of web design, the internet, and businesses wanting to sell their products to a larger audience with access to the web. Businesses like Amazon and eBay have made our lives much easier. However, behind the scenes of a great e-commerce website is a team of web designers using their technical […]

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The Key Differences Between UX and UI

For anyone who has even the slightest experience in web design would have come across the term UI and UX at least once. The debate on how they differentiate from one another is an ongoing debate, especially among newbies. For their understanding and yours, the fact is that they are, in fact, quite different but […]