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Do blogs really work?

Do Corporate Blogs Really Work

In 1994, Justin Hall wrote the world’s first-ever blog. He was a freelance journalist who just wanted to share his views with the world. And when he met the internet, a blog was born—although they called it a ‘personal homepage’ at that point.

That was just the beginning. Soon, every ‘90s kid had one for sharing their art, their thoughts, or just as a daily journal! Today, however, blogs are not personal anymore. In digital marketing particularly, experts consider them a great source of traffic generation and customer engagement! So, is it worth it for your business to have one? And what will you post even if you do create one?

Here’s a beginner’s guide to the mechanics and advantages of a corporate blog.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

You don’t use a blog is for direct advertising. Instead, it presents your product or service as a subject matter so you can inform, entertain, or persuade the prospective customer to invest in your merchandise. Blogs work with subtlety by building trust in a reader and placing a call to action right at the end. If you keep posting quality content, the audience will begin to consider you a credible source. This can be a lengthy process, but it’s worthwhile in the end!

Being Relatable

The audience is not really interested in behind-the-scenes details of your business. They would rather read relatable content that connects to their own life in some way. For instance, if you specialize in providing fumigation services, your titles can range from ‘how to recognize an infestation’ to ‘can I fumigate my own house.’ Just make sure to keep the target audience in mind to create the kind of content they’d be interested in.

Bringing in the Traffic

Whenever there is a query, most Internet users instinctively ‘Google’ it. Really, it has become a legitimate dictionary term meaning ‘to look up something on the web’! With the right SEO tools in your blog, you can ensure that your blog appears on the first page of search results. When they search for a particular keyword, users will be directed to your website, where the e-commerce section is just one click away.

Connecting & Engaging with Clientele

Another benefit of owning a blog is that you get to connect with your clientele. Whether on the web or Instagram, you can use your blog to announce new products, gather customer feedback, and build lasting relationships with your audience. Through a blog, you can create a feedback loop directly with those who use your product or service. Once you know exactly what they want, meeting their needs becomes more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘how.’

Remember; the magic will not happen overnight. It can several months for you to get through the door in the digital marketing world. But posting regularly on a corporate blog with patience and dedication is bound to work eventually. Just make sure to create credible content that is bound to interest your ideal consumer. So, let’s get started!


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