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LinkedIn Business Page

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

As the new decade begins, the era of dropping off CVs in person is long over. Instead of going door to door searching for their next workplace, prospective employees get online on LinkedIn. Today, they can connect with the business community and like-minded individuals within a second!

But LinkedIn hasn’t just made things easier for those looking for jobs; it has literally transformed the hiring process for HR departments all over the world. Plus, your carefully crafted page is the first thing potential employees will see—what better way to make a great first impression?

Create a Business Page

To set out on this journey, you need to get on the LinkedIn website. On the landing page, you will find an option to ‘create a business page.’ Fill in all the details including contact information, and office location, etc. Since this page is not for customers but business professionals, your photos should be focused on your office space and work environment.

Add a Business Bio

Next, you will write ‘about’ your business, including your vision, goals, ethics, and beliefs. Be cautious when creating a bio for your company; this is what your future employee of the month will be reading first! Tell them clearly what they have to gain if they decide to work for your company. And you will have an edge over your competitors.

Create Content

Now is the time to create relevant content. Keep in mind that your followers will either be your current employees or future ones. And that is exactly who you should post for. Avoid direct advertising and use this platform as a discussion forum. You can also use it to share business updates with the entire company in real-time!

Build Brand Image

A LinkedIn page is also great for the PR of a company. Any big corporation you name has a page on the forum. If you want to join their ranks, you can start with a great looking LinkedIn business page with quality images and content. When prospective applicants search you up, they should see your effort and professionalism reflected on your page.

Connect with Employees

The best way to ensure a lower employee turnover rate is appreciating them on a regular basis. When asked the number one motivating factor in their work-life, many employees favor recognition. As soon as you set up a LinkedIn page, you should send all employees an email requesting to follow. Not only will you be able to announce updates conveniently, but you can also create gratitude posts for high-performing employees. We are sure they would love to know they’re valued!

Hire New People

You can also begin to employ your LinkedIn business page to reach out to new employees. Post job vacancies and let the résumés come to you! This way, the volume of applicants will be higher, raising your chances of engaging someone perfect for the position.

Once it is set up, make sure to update it regularly. The more active you are, the more your chances of getting noticed. Good luck!


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