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Facebook Page for Business

The ABC’s of Creating Your Own Facebook Page

Facebook’s huge market of 3 billion people is difficult to ignore for the most organic of brands. Whether you’re setting up shop for your custom-made shoes or a service for home repairs, Facebook is the place to begin. Anyone who is in the throes of running a small business is aware of the power of social media. Your competitors, offering the same service as you, are earning twice as much with just as many likes!

In the virtual worlds, likes and subscribers are currency. The more people engage with you online, the more your sales increase. So how exactly can you use social media to put your foot through the door in your particular niche? Let us tell you the basics of creating a Facebook business page!

Create a Business Page

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Okay, this one’s fairly obvious but you need somewhere to start. You begin by logging into your personal Facebook profile. From the top right-hand corner of your home-screen, select ‘Create a Business Page.’ This button will take you to a welcome screen that will ask you for more information. Enter the basics, and there you go!

Name, Describe, Categorize

After the technical part is over, you have to fill in the appropriate details. Choose a name for your business, preferably the actual name of your company. However, make sure it’s not too common or complicated!

Next, choose a category of business and describe yourself. Here, you have to take special care that your product or service comes out looking valuable for the target audience. Tell them what your brand brings to the table that’s better than others.

Add Photos

Next come photos. You don’t just want to stimulate the logical part of your audience’s brains; you want the left brain to come into action. When humans look at art and beautiful things, they tend to give more of their emotional attention. Keep this in mind while adding your profile and cover photo on the page.

Viewers prefer pleasant colors and striking images rather than scattered, gaudy content. Design your logo and cover photo. Consider hiring a full-time or freelance logo and brand designer.

Customize Tabs

Once you’re done with all these basic steps, you can get into the details. Use Facebook’s customizable tabs option to put up dedicated call-to-action bars or redirections to your e-commerce website. This will help you convert the most of the audience that will come to your page to actual leads. Here, we suggest you hire a professional to make sure your website doesn’t disappoint.

Create Content!

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Congratulations! If you have followed these steps, you will have successfully set up your Facebook business page. The next step is to start creating content! However, this proves to be the most difficult part for some.

Just remember, you can’t start making viral content from the first day, so don’t be discouraged. Keep your head in the game and keep up with our tips for your business success!


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