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Window Cleaner Cover for blog post

Custom Website Design for Window Cleaner Us

We want to show one previously completed project and how we created a premium, custom website for a local business. The company Window Cleaner US asked us to redesign their website.
They offer window cleaning services in the Los Angeles area. In addition to window cleaning, they also provide holiday light installations. Their requirements were a unique, clean, and modern custom website. They also wanted to keep the current logo.


After we received the necessary information about the project (such as the brief), the work could begin.
We only received new content for the homepage. So we had to use the old one for the rest of the web pages. The photos provided were not enough for the entire website, so we had to buy some new stock photos.

The work begins

We did some research on competing local companies, and we was pleased to find that the online presence of these companies doesn’t represent a high level. So we were sure that this new custom website would stand out from its competitors.
It’s always a good idea to check the competitors.


Wireframes are very useful. Using it, it becomes clear at the beginning of the planning phase that the client may have imagined one or more pages differently. At this point, it’s easy and cheap to make modifications because nothing else needs to be fixed except the wireframes since the design and code do not exist at this phase.

Window Cleaner US homepage wireframe

The wireframes have been completed for the main page first and then for the subpages as well. (you can read about wireframes here)
It made the design process a bit hard the fact that there wasn’t enough content for the subpages. So we added some contact forms and reviews here and there to make the subpages long enough.
The client was satisfied with everything so that we could move on to the next step.

The Design

After the wireframes for all pages were completed, the design phase began.
Since we already have the logo, so was the direction for creating the brand. We used the colors and waves from the logo for the website. ( You can see the waves that separate the individual sections on the pages.)
First, we completed the main page design, and the client liked the result. He accepted for the first time, and no changes were necessary.
We continued the work by creating the design of the subpages. Of course, we also made the tablet and mobile versions as well. (Our custom websites are always responsive.)
The client was satisfied with the subpages as with the main page. Coding and testing followed.

Window Cleaner US Website Design Part 1
Window Cleaner US Website Design Part 2
Window Cleaner US Website Design Part 3
Custom Website Development

You probably noticed from our previous Instagram posts that we are not a fan of page builders and all kinds of pre-made templates. These have many disadvantages, and we do not recommend them at all for serious businesses. Probably none of you want to use a website template that has already been used for other businesses many-many times.

A Custom Theme in WordPress

We created a custom theme in WordPress based on the designs we made in the previous steps. After the mandatory tests, we handed over the website to the client, who was very happy with the result.
You can view the finished live custom website here.

Ask for a free quote if you want a high-quality, custom website for your business. We are happy to be at your service.


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