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Creating a Digital Presence: The Cornerstone for Small Businesses

Back in the day, if anybody wanted to get in touch with a maintenance specialist or look for a product, they would ask friends and family for suggestions. But now things are different. Everybody has a genie now that provides them with information anywhere anytime. And that genie is the internet.

Research shows that 85% of people look up a service provider or a product online using search engines. In such a digitally advanced world, you can’t expect your business to compete with other corporations without having an online presence. And it’s not even about the competition with other firms, that’s secondary. The first thing that a business needs to obtain is a presence, a standing. If your business doesn’t have a digital mark, how is it ever going to be found by anyone?

Having a significant online presence is essential for any business, small or big, to thrive in this competitive corporate world. But how do you create a ubiquitous presence online for your business? Let’s find out.

Here are the top 4 ways in which you can make your business visible in the digital sphere.

1. Choose your Platforms

You need to choose the right platform when creating an online presence. And that depends on what your target market is. If you have a service or product that caters primarily to Millennials, then you should use social media to get in touch with your potential customers. But if you want to target Baby Boomers, then you might want to focus more on having a user-friendly website.

2. Choose your Tools

You cannot use every social media tool in the book to attract customers. To create an active online presence, you need to pick and choose. There are several ways to go about when getting your business’s name out in the market. From pop up ads to gifs and videos, there is a well of options for you to choose from. Pick out the ones that you think would surely attract more traffic and boost your sales.

3. Design a Website

Having a user-friendly website is essential for running a successful business. Especially if the target audience is not too technologically savvy. To design a functional yet easy-to-navigate website can be tricky if you don’t hire a certified expert.

4. Hire an Expert

Web designing can drain your pocket if you hire someone who doesn’t have the needed expertise. It would be best if you found a web developer who has clients that can attest to their proficiency.

Anybody can post adverts online of their designing business, but you need a reliable entity. Therefore hire a well-reputed professional. If you want to save money, then you should choose a freelance web designer because they know their craft well and don’t charge unreasonable prices.

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