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Marketing Strategies That Are Actually Effective

In the corporate world, there are different types of marketing strategies. As an organization, you can’t implement them all. The important step is to choose ones that are worth investing in. Which strategies will reach your target audience? Which ones will be met positively by your target audience? How many will make your audience perform the action you want them to?

In this article, we’re going to cover the top marketing strategies that all businesses need to implement. These apply to both small and large scale businesses.

1. Social Media Marketing

This form of marketing takes top spot since it is popular everywhere and for good reason. 79% of the population in the United States has a social media account. Based on this, it’s no wonder that social media is where you’ll find a majority of your target market. There are platforms catering to all age groups and uses. These range from Facebook for the casual user to LinkedIn for the professionals.

Apart from this, the ROI in this type of marketing strategy is higher.This is because you don’t need to invest a lot. Even a single well-placed marketing campaign can help you gain visibility in the eyes of thousands (or millions) of viewers depending on the scope of the campaign.

Just remember that the point is to avoid getting lost in the clutter. For this, you will need to make sure that your strategy is relevant to your audience and that you manage your plan. Do you use a cost-per-click strategy or some other strategy?

2. SEO

This strategy (if done right) simply entails getting organic traffic completely for free on your website. The higher your ranking on the search engines, the better your company’s position will be.

However, this type of marketing strategy is more long term. It will take time for your name to take the top spot on the search engines. This is because you’ll be competing with thousands of similar organizations.

If you have a small setup, you need to be careful. If you have too much traffic inflow, you may not have the capacity to fulfill all the orders you get. Make sure you can cater to that if you opt for SEO marketing. If it works, it can play an important role in building consumer trust and loyalty.

3. Content Marketing

Similar to SEO, content marketing is meant for long term success. With properly planned content spread across the right platforms, you can engage your viewers (aka potential customers). This will help you build a loyal relationship with consumers. From here on, they will trust your brand name and view it positively.

If you are unable to write in a skillful and engaging way, you can always outsource. Just remember, you want the content to be something worth reading.


There are many other effective marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) or email marketing. However, these generally tend to be successful for large scale, well-established businesses. They are the ones with an audience big enough for PPC to be successful. Similarly, with email marketing, most people don’t even click on the mail. You need to be able to reach enough people to have a decent percentage of click-throughs.

Finally, if you’re starting off, the three strategies we’ve discussed should be essentials in your marketing plan if you’re looking to build a solid, long term marketing framework.


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