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freelancers vs. web agencies

Freelancers vs. Web Agencies – Which Should you Hire?

When you’re starting to work on a new web project without an in-house design team, you have to make the critical choice between a web agency and freelancer that provides the same services.

Making the correct decision between the two is not as simple as one would think. Each has its own pros and cons that make it suitable for different situations. The key to making the right choice when it comes to freelancers vs. web agency is your needs or objectives.

One thing is for certain, regardless of the direction you go, you will come across highly-skilled people that produce results well worth the money you pay.

However, the size and scale of your project and other associated web design needs are what should guide your decision. There are various factors that come into play when making the selection.

Here are some pros and cons of working with freelancers and web agencies. These may help you decide which one makes more sense for you in the current situation.

Web Agencies in Los Angeles

Credibility. There is no denying that big web agencies have more credibility than a freelancer. This is mainly because the prior has a connection with the industry and a reputation to uphold. Also, reviews and recommendations for agencies are easy to find.

Diverse Expertise. A web agency usually consists of a large team of individuals specializing in different fields. They usually have copywriters, designers, marketers, and developers all under one roof. You don’t have to go to different people for one project. You can just assign a project to the agency and then let them take care of the tasks.


Costly. Since web agencies come with all the bells and whistles of an agency i.e. a larger team, more resources, etc., they have high rates for their services. Additionally, there is some overhead and other service costs related as well.

Bureaucracy. Agencies have very structured hierarchies. Any work submitted to the client has to be approved by a number of people before being sent out.

Unnecessary scrutiny. With more eyes on the project, there is an increased chance of some of the client’s requirements not making through. At each level, people will add their own edits.

Freelance Web Designers in Los Angeles

Cost-effective. Without any overhead charges and fixed costs involved, freelancers typically charge less than web designers agencies. They are more flexible with creating personalized packages that charge only for the services. Typically, freelancers charge by the hour. This way, you don’t have to pay unnecessary costs.

Specialized Services. Most web freelancers are experts in their fields. Spending so much time working on specific kinds of projects allows them to build extremely specialized skills.

Direct involvement. Unlike in agencies, there is no buffer between the freelancer and the client. The latter is in direct contact with the freelancer, meaning they can communicate back and forth without a hierarchy of intermediaries.

Full attention. Unlike agencies, freelancers mostly work a handful of projects at a time. This allows them to divide their time so that each project gets the attention it needs.


Slower turnaround. Since there is just one person working on your project, it’s expected that it will take a bit more time compared to an agency. However, this can be negotiated and managed.

Requires more management. There is no middleman coordinating and making sure all parts of the project are completed on time. For a web project, you are more likely to be working with multiple freelancers for copywriting, development, and design. This means you will be the one having to coordinate and manage each of them.

The Verdict

While web agencies are a suitable choice for many business owners, freelancers seem to be the way to go for others. Small business owners with limited budgets and a small workforce can benefit the most.


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