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How Do We Create Websites?

First of all, I would like to emphasize that we create custom, unique websites, not install templates. I guess you don’t want a website with the same design that 100 other companies are already using. Designing and creating these unique websites is a time-consuming task.
For the website to represent the business in the right way, thorough planning is necessary before starting any design or development work. Our website design and development process has 5 steps. These are the following:

1. Preparation

The needs, expectations, and goals regarding the website must be accurately assessed. Knowing who the website is for and what functions it should contain is essential.
The brief is filled in, and the questions are answered in this step. You can read about the brief in my previous post. (The brief is a document that contains basic information about the project.)
In addition to the brief, we also need to receive the website content and other information.

These may include:
– Website text
– Images, video materials
– legal documentation (privacy policy, terms, and conditions)
– In the case of a redesign, access information to the old website.
– Contact information (addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social media URLs) that you would like to display on the website.

It is important to note that we cannot start working on the website without the above, especially the brief. Furthermore, if we receive these late, the project will also be completed later.

We check the website content and report if there is a problem with any of it. What could it be? For example, if the images are of poor quality or the text is inappropriate.
It is also vital that the submitted materials are legal. You cannot simply download images and materials from the Internet and use them without permission on your website. Unless it is indicated on the given webpage that the image, text, video, etc. free to use.

Once We have all the necessary information, we will analyze your competition. Primarily we check the competitors’ online presence.
We study their website and see what they do well and what they do wrong. We will use this information when we design your website to make it competitive with your rivals.
In addition, We also analyze their social media presence and give advice in this regard.

Free tips

Overall, you will receive valuable tips and advice from me while we work on the website. We will not only develop your website, but we also want your business to be successful. For this purpose, we will give you as many useful tips and advice as possible regarding the website and marketing.

2. Wireframing

What is a wireframe? A wireframe is a simplified visual representation of your website. In this step, we only plan the website’s structure, i.e., what (texts, images, etc.) and where they will be located on the page. In practice, the wireframe is a blueprint we create for all website pages.

Perfect Skin Wireframe

3. Designing the website

After creating all the wireframes, we make the website design for each page. In this step, we make the website design, the look of the website, i.e., how the website content will appear on the website’s pages, based on the wireframes designed in the previous step. We choose the right colors and fonts and create additional design elements. Starting with the home page, we design all the website pages one by one. We also create designs for tablet and mobile views. At this point, you can already see how the final website will look. In addition, we will make a prototype so you can try out the new website.

Perfect Skin Website Design

4. Development

Based on the design plans approved in the previous step, the development of the website begins here. We create the websites in WordPress, and in each case, we develop a unique WordPress theme based on the design plans prepared in the previous steps.

The desktop, tablet, and mobile views will be designed, and of course, your website will be responsive. After the development of all pages and features is complete, testing begins. Here we check the entire page, all views, and all functions. We will correct any mistakes.

5. Launch

After paying for the last installment, we will hand over the website. If a website transfer takes place, we will also perform further tests on the website’s final location.

Finally, We create an initial backup of the completed website. So that if any problems arise, the page can be quickly restored.
If you need it, we can provide website maintenance, content uploading, or other changes related to the website.


We would like to note here that developing a website requires two-way communication. We will constantly need your feedback regarding the project. At the end of each step, we need your approval before we can start the next one. So it cannot work in such a way that the client just orders and pays for the project, and we will develop a website.

You need to devote some of your time when you order a website from me. How much time is required? About 1-2 hours a week is needed to review the materials we send you and respond to my emails. Please take it into account before you order from me.

What happens if we have already started working on the website, but something comes up, and you’re too busy to respond? No problem, we can pause the project, but please note that we cannot keep the initial turnaround in this case.

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