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First Impressions- How Important is a Logo for Your Business?

Every time you come across golden arches when you’re driving, your brain immediately knows that there’s a McDonald’s outlet coming up soon. Every time you see a swoosh sign, you’re reminded of Nike. All brands, from the ones known worldwide to those on a national scale are identified by their logos.

If you’re setting up a business and you’ve decided to leave the logo in the list of unimportant tasks, think again. Getting your logo ready should be among your top priorities and here’s why:

1. First Impressions Can Last Forever

A well designed logo is an invitation to your audience to find out more about what you have to offer. The absence of a logo or a mediocre one is likely to fade into the crowd. Forget a first impression, no one see a brand at all.

Nobody has time these days- you have less than 5 seconds to make a worthy impression. Within those few seconds, potential customers will form their perception of your brand and determine whether it’s worth a second look or not.

2. Being Able to Visualize Helps People Remember Your Brand

When someone mentions the word Pringles, the first thing that comes to mind is the little face with the giant mustache. Distinctive colors, fonts and graphics give your audience something to associate with the brand. If you have a good logo, people will instantly remember your brand in a positive light when they see it.

3. It Acts As Your Brand Identity

The style of your logo is what embodies the essence of your brand. This logo is the same one you’ll use across all your products, on all letterheads, websites, and so on. It makes your brand concept concrete and something to market.

4. It Sets You Apart

No matter how new and unique your brand is, there is another brand doing something similar. Let’s be honest, if Starbucks didn’t have its signature green and white logo, it would be like any other coffee shop you pass on your way to work.

Your logo conveys your value to customers. The entire world is still torn between the Coke and Pepsi debate, and while the two taste different, the only way to visually tell them apart is through their logo and colors.

5. A Logo Helps You Build Brand Loyalty

If you didn’t know this already, pretty much the entire world has trust issues, especially for something that involves spending their hard earned money. People are reluctant to try new brands, but once they try and like it, they’ll look for its signature every time they’re out to buy it (this is also why many brands try to imitate well-known logos for their own brand so that customers will be reminded of a name they trust and like).

Essentially, a logo is an essential element for building a strong business and a strong brand name so make sure that your logo has all the makings to be as well-remembered as Disney’s Mickey Mouse silhouette.


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