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Newest Trends in Marketing Around the Globe

Marketing is no longer about the catchiest jingle or the most attractive billboard. If you have just started out a small business, these are the last things you should be worried about. In this century, marketing is all about being relatable. The more your brand’s ideology aligns with that your target audience, the more success you are likely to attain.

The best part is that marketing today is a little easier on the pocket, plus gives way better results than billboards ever could. Here are some of the emerging trends to look out for as a small business owner.

Social Responsibility

Brands everywhere are becoming more and more socially responsible, and it’s a great trend to follow! Aligning your brand with a social cause makes it seem humane and compassionate. Depending on what is important to you, you can pick anything from gender equality to animal welfare. This will add equity to your business’s name.


Another aspect of social responsibility is being eco-friendly. The biggest brands in the world are often involved in improper disposal, unethical dumping, and other caustic acts that prove to be destructive for the environment.

You can change all that through recyclability, sustainability campaigns, and being vocal about environmental justice amongst other things. This way, you can tell your customers that you care about them and their future generations.

Culturally Sensitive

Today, brands are expected to be culturally sensitive and not crass or vulgar. No racism or prejudice of any kind is taken kindly by inhabitants of the digital world. Cultural appropriation is also no longer tolerated, so make sure you run your content through someone before sending it out for the world to see.

Honesty and Transparency

Your brand has to be completely upfront about everything. From the ingredients of your product to whatever is included in your service package, be honest about it. When earlier it was the norm to exaggerate the effects of a product in order to sell it well, the current atmosphere is all about honesty and transparency.

Artificial Intelligence

As the world advances, newer ways of advertising keep popping up. Artificial Intelligence is one such up and coming field. We are already using some aspects of it in automation and tailored targeting, so make sure you are up-to-date on that front! Use emerging technology to your advantage.


Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, influencers play a great role in marketing. Many studies have shown that a product recommended by someone online matters as much to consumers as a product suggested by a friend! Many brands send care packages for influencers to review, or even directly pay them for their advertising services.

These are just a few of the trends you can use to your advantage. Once you get cracking, you’ll find something new to do every day. Just remember to keep up!


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