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5 Reasons Why WordPress is great for Small Businesses

Small businesses and entrepreneurial setups operate on a tight budget. You don’t always have the room to pay for minor changes and additions to your website and its content. This is where WordPress comes in. Nowadays, WordPress is considered to be the go-to place for an easy-to-manage website.

Not only is it ideal for blogging, but millions of people use it globally for web development. Small businesses can manage and alter their websites as they please without hiring an expert. Apart from its premium plugins, many of the basic tools are free. So, let’s see how WordPress can benefit small organizations:

1. It Will Save You Money

Not only are you saving on the cost of hiring a web developer, but downloading WordPress is also free. You can easily install it on your website without spending too much time or money on it.

2. You Don’t Need Any Special Skills

Installing WordPress is just a matter of a single click. You don’t need to hire web developers to handle dealing with hosting and servers. For a significantly lower price, you can select shared hosting plans from organizations like Cloudways (or others), which will install WordPress onto your account for you.

You can also select a WordPress hosting plan which will handle everything for you. Since WordPress is their specialty, they’ll install, configure, and optimize it for you. With the right hosting plan, you can dedicate your time to focus on your business instead of worrying about server problems.

The dashboard on WordPress is very user-friendly, even if it’s your first time setting up a website. Creating web pages, posts, forms, and managing video content is easy, even for those who aren’t experienced in these fields.

Installing plugins to add more functionality to your website is quite easy through WordPress.

3. Open Source Development

This platform allows any user to download and use the available code. As a small business, the code available is sufficient for you. However, as you expand, you can make changes to the code or hire a WordPress developer to help you extend it.

4. Strong Online Support System

If you run into problems or have trouble understanding certain features of WordPress, you can access their blogs for helpful tips. Through discussion forums, you can find answers to any of your numerous questions. Thanks to WordPress’s massive global community, someone will be able to help you out.

5. SEO Optimized Content

A website without SEO isn’t really a website at all. Any websites developed on WordPress are SEO optimized by default. In fact, if you want even better optimization, you can download plugins for even better ranking.


WordPress has an endless variety of themes to help you create a highly customized website. If you want access to a wider library, you can pay for access to premium themes on WordPress as well. In addition, all these themes are designed to look good on any device, from a PC screen to a smartphone.

For small businesses, establishing a solid online presence is difficult and time-consuming. However, WordPress makes developing a strong website easier. It is quite secure, and if you want, you can download more plugins for higher security.


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