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Improve your website's ranking on Google, increase traffic, and boost sales with our safe, organic search engine optimization (SEO) service.

Search Engine Optimization
Rank higher in search engines
Increase traffic and visibility
Gain more leads
Improve brand awareness
Boost your credibility
Get a competitive advantage
SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques We Use to Boost Your Website

The following techniques allow you to reach your long-term SEO goals.

  • SEO Audits

    SEO audit is the process of evaluating your website to determine how well it is optimized for search engines. Our thorough audit identifies the website’s issues that prevent it from ranking high in search engines. This way, we can define the right SEO strategy to fix all the problems our SEO audit revealed.

  • Technical SEO

    It’s crucial to improve a website’s technical aspects, like speed and making the website easier to crawl for search engines.

  • On-Site SEO

    We find the right keywords to optimize and update your website pages. This way, your website can rank high and higher than your competitors in search engines.

  • Off-Site SEO

    We also perform SEO tasks outside your website. It includes link building, citations, and more.

  • Local SEO

    If you have a local business, improving your website’s local visibility is essential, so we prepare your website to be found in local search results.

Executing all the SEO techniques mentioned above allows us to fix your website’s SEO issues, boost traffic and rankings, and generate more leads and sales.
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SEO Packages

We offer the following packages to improve your SEO. Do you need a custom package? No problem; contact us for a custom quote.

SEO Basic

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research - Up to 25 Keywords
  • 2 Blogs / Month - Up to 1000 words/blog
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization - Citations
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Monthly Reporting
SEO Advanced

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research - Up to 50 Keywords
  • 4 Blogs / Month - Up to 1000 words/blog
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization - Citations
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Monthly Reporting
SEO Deluxe

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research - Up to 100 Keywords
  • 8 Blogs / Month - Up to 1000 words/blog
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization - Citations
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Monthly Reporting

Month-to-month plans. No 6-month or yearly contract.
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Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

"We were satisfied with everything: attitude, patience, excellent price/value ratio. Communication was not hindered by being in different time zones. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone."

Krisztián Pázler, PPThings Kft.(Hungary)

"We've asked Steve to redesign our ad that has been published in local magazines. He did amazing work! He created a high-quality design, and we're delighted with the result. We will definitely hire him again!"

Peter T. Erdelyi, Peter T. Erdelyi & Associates, INC.(Los Angeles,CA)

"I recently approached Steve for help in designing my website, and he was a great professional! My needs were kept in mind throughout the process so I really felt like it was my project. Now my website is up and running, my business is more effective, and my company's digital presence now perfectly matches how we work in the real world!"

Zoltan Zemlenyi, Window Cleaner Us (Los Angeles,CA)

Boost your website’s visibility and rankings on Google with search engine optimization

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Affordable SEO packages
Month-to-month plans. No long-term contract.
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    Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ section. If you can't find your answer, please send us a message.

    What do I need from me to start the SEO?

    We need access to your website, google analytics and google search console. You'll get our instructions in an email on how to grant access. Also, we need a list of your main competitors' websites.

    How long will it take to see the result?

    It depends on many factors when you can expect results from SEO. (E.g., website age, current rank, the chosen SEO package, the competition, etc.) Generally speaking, it takes at least three months or more to expect results. Therefore, we recommend you subscribe to our SEO service for at least three months. (We don't lock you in a contract, you can cancel anytime.) We prepare monthly reports where you can follow the results.

    How long should I do SEO?

    You should do SEO continuously. It's essential to keep your website up to date and publish new blog posts and content constantly. Search engines prefer new, helpful content. Backlinks also need to be built continuously.

    What if I stop the SEO service?

    You can stop your SEO service anytime. You own the rights to blogs, any other materials, and work we have created for you. However, we do not recommend stopping your SEO because you will slowly but surely lose the hard work you have invested in and the rankings you have achieved in the search engines. This way, sooner or later, your competitors will overtake you.

    What are backlinks?

    A backlink is a link that points from one website or web page to another. Search engines consider these backlinks as 'votes' for websites. The more such backlinks a website has, the more important it can be to search engines. Backlinks are still among the three most important ranking factors of Google.

    Why do you write blogs?

    From an SEO point of view, it is essential to have new and valuable content on your website. It can increase your website's rank on search engines. Blogging has several other benefits:

    • Users can find you through your blog posts.
    • Your website visitors will spend more time on your page.
    • Become a reliable, helpful source of a topic so you can turn more visitors into clients.
    • You can get noticed as an expert in your field.