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Are you in search of a website that suits your budget? Or are you looking for a more professional custom website? Please take a look at our various website design services. We cover all your needs.

Website design

Template Websites

These are pre-designed websites. We upload the website copy, contact info, and other content like pictures and videos into these templates. Template websites are more affordable and mainly for new businesses with tighter budgets. It’s a good start for new small businesses.


  • WordPress Template Design based on your business’ niche / preference

  • Copywriting Service ( up to 250 words / page )

  • Social Media Integration

  • Contact Form

  • Blog ( if requested )

  • Max. 5 professional stock photos ( if needed for the website design )

  • Technical SEO optimization

Cost Effective
Fast Turnaround
Wide range of website templates

Custom Websites

Custom websites are the best way to represent your business online. We create these websites from scratch and tailor them to your target audience, goals, and business. This way, your custom website will stand out from your competition, have a unique brand and get more leads and revenue. It’s a perfect upgrade from a template website for established businesses.


  • Custom, professional WordPress website tailored to your goals and target audience

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Pro Copywriting Service - We provide the content for your website (up to 500 words / page)

  • Mockup Design - Check your design, before development (what you see is what you get)

  • Modern and clean design

  • Social Media Integration

  • Contact Form

  • Blog ( if requested )

  • Max. 10 professional stock photos ( if needed for the website design )

  • Fast, optimized website

  • Technical SEO optimization

  • Possibility of further customization/extension of the website.

Custom website
Competitor Analysis
Unique Branding
Pro Copywriting Service
100% SEO Friendly
Fast, optimized

Landing Pages

Let’s design custom landing pages for your ad campaigns. A landing page focuses on one product/service and a specific target audience. This way, they are more effective than regular websites and make ad campaigns more profitable.


  • Custom, professional landing page based on your brand and ad campaign

  • Pro Copywriting Service - We provide the content for your landing page (up to 500 words)

  • Higher conversion compared to a regular website

  • Modern and clean design

  • Mockup Design - Check your design, before development (what you see is what you get)

  • Contact Form

  • Max. 5 professional stock photos ( if needed for the landing page design )

Generate more leads
More efficient than regular websites
Higher sales can be achieved
More effective ads
Cheaper ads

Free first-month web hosting and maintenance – $99 Value

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Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

"We were satisfied with everything: attitude, patience, excellent price/value ratio. Communication was not hindered by being in different time zones. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone."

Krisztián Pázler, PPThings Kft.(Hungary)

"We've asked Steve to redesign our ad that has been published in local magazines. He did amazing work! He created a high-quality design, and we're delighted with the result. We will definitely hire him again!"

Peter T. Erdelyi, Peter T. Erdelyi & Associates, INC.(Los Angeles,CA)

"I recently approached Steve for help in designing my website, and he was a great professional! My needs were kept in mind throughout the process so I really felt like it was my project. Now my website is up and running, my business is more effective, and my company's digital presence now perfectly matches how we work in the real world!"

Zoltan Zemlenyi, Window Cleaner Us (Los Angeles,CA)

How We Work?

We follow the next five-step path in order to design a modern, premium website that meets your goals and requirements.

1. Preparation

We send you some questions to learn more about your business, goals, target audience, and requirements. As we know more about your business, we also research your competitors.

2. Wireframes

Based on the research, and the provided information from the previous step, we’ll create wireframes for your website. A wireframe is a simplified visual representation of your website.

3. Design

Once you approve the wireframes, we create the website design based on those blueprints and your requirements. We also perform revisions if needed.

4. Development

We build your website based on the accepted designs from the previous step. After that, we’ll present the completed website. If you need any revisions, we do the changes for you.

5. Launch

If you are satisfied with everything, we will launch your website. We continuously monitor and update the website and create backups if you have an active maintenance plan.

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    Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ section. If you can’t find your answer, please send us a message.

    How much does a website cost?

    Unfortunately, we can only tell once we know what you need exactly. It depends on the website's type (template or custom), size, features, and other factors.

    How long does it take to get my website up and running?

    It depends on the website's type and size and whether we need to write the content or if you already have it. Developing a 5-6 page custom website takes about four weeks or less. A 5-page template website can take 1-2 weeks if the content (copy, pictures, videos, etc.) is available. Please remember that we can only start working on your project once we have answers to all our questions and content for the website.

    How can I keep track of work in progress?

    It is possible in several ways. We can send the wireframes and website design mockups in emails, or you can view them via a link. During work, we keep in touch mainly through emails. (We're also available on Facebook Messenger or by phone.)

    I already have a website. Can you help me revamp it?

    We will check your website and suggest what we should change about it and how much it costs.

    I want to make changes to the website. Can I do that?

    Yes, of course. You own your website and can make any changes you need as often as you want. However, if you feel uncomfortable making changes to your website, we can make minor changes like a change of address, phone number, or pictures for free. (If we developed your website.) However, we charge a fee if you need changes in the design or code.

    Can we add more features to the completed website later?

    It depends on what kind of website you have. If you ordered a custom website from us, we can add more features and customize it as you need. In the case of a template website, it depends on the features that you need and the template itself.