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The New Role of Automation in Marketing

In simple terms, marketing automation includes automating digital activity and communication. This is usually for tasks that require little expertise and need to be performed repetitively. With the digital age growing at a rapid pace, this marketing strategy is fast becoming popular among all organizations, big and small. Let’s look at what marketing automation and […]

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Marketing Strategies That Are Actually Effective

In the corporate world, there are different types of marketing strategies. As an organization, you can’t implement them all. The important step is to choose ones that are worth investing in. Which strategies will reach your target audience? Which ones will be met positively by your target audience? How many will make your audience perform […]

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Do Corporate Blogs Really Work

In 1994, Justin Hall wrote the world’s first-ever blog. He was a freelance journalist who just wanted to share his views with the world. And when he met the internet, a blog was born—although they called it a ‘personal homepage’ at that point. That was just the beginning. Soon, every ‘90s kid had one for […]

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Newest Trends in Marketing Around the Globe

Marketing is no longer about the catchiest jingle or the most attractive billboard. If you have just started out a small business, these are the last things you should be worried about. In this century, marketing is all about being relatable. The more your brand’s ideology aligns with that your target audience, the more success […]