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Creating a Digital Presence: The Cornerstone for Small Businesses

Back in the day, if anybody wanted to get in touch with a maintenance specialist or look for a product, they would ask friends and family for suggestions. But now things are different. Everybody has a genie now that provides them with information anywhere anytime. And that genie is the internet. Research shows that 85% […]

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Marketing Strategies That Are Actually Effective

In the corporate world, there are different types of marketing strategies. As an organization, you can’t implement them all. The important step is to choose ones that are worth investing in. Which strategies will reach your target audience? Which ones will be met positively by your target audience? How many will make your audience perform […]

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How to Boost Your Business’s Social Media Following

You created an Instagram business page, but you don’t know where to go from here. Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Getting online attention can be a long and taxing process, especially for a corporate page. Gathering traffic, generating ‘likes’ or ‘followers,’ and getting ample comments on your photos is all possible with the right content. […]

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Newest Trends in Marketing Around the Globe

Marketing is no longer about the catchiest jingle or the most attractive billboard. If you have just started out a small business, these are the last things you should be worried about. In this century, marketing is all about being relatable. The more your brand’s ideology aligns with that your target audience, the more success […]