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Web Design for Millennials

Designing a Website for the Modern Millennial Consumers

Children of the 20th Century growing up in the 21st Century, millennials make up a significant portion of the overall consumer market. In fact, as more millennials enter the job market, their buying power is increasing. In the U.S., it is said to surpass $1.4 trillion by the year 2020.

This means that many companies are now wondering about how they want to attract more consumers in that category. They want to cash in on the opportunity and make the most of out of a growing market.

Since millennials are completely different from Generation X-ers, they need to be targeted with different strategies. Millennials have their own unique set of needs and requirements, especially when it comes to online presence and content consumption.

When it comes to designing or altering a website for millennial consumers, there are a few things one needs to keep in mind.

Responsive Design

There is a reason why we mentioned the website’s responsive design is on the top. By now, research and surveys have proved that a majority of consumers access websites on their mobile devices. This includes tablets and smartphones. The latter is more common with millennials users due to its convenience.

Based on these insights, you want your website’s design to be responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that when a consumer opens your website, it automatically resizes and optimizes the display.

User Experience

Have you visited a website that took too long to load? Or a website that had a complex menu where you couldn’t find what you were looking for?

This means your user experience wasn’t good. It probably turned you off from the website. This is why you should focus on providing your visitors a good user experience, so they don’t turn away to a competitor.


This is a buzzword that shows up on every web designing blog out there. This is so because it is effective. Instead of very straightforward designs, millennials connect with stimuli that are engaging. This just doesn’t include the design itself but the content you choose to write and the brand story you create.

Social Sharing

One important aspect for the millennial internet user is the shareability of content on social media. This is a good thing for your website as the easier it is to share, the more people it will reach. Share icons on blogs and other fresh content can help make that happen.

In the end, it’s about understanding your audience and making decisions that will attract and engage them in what you have to give.

Website Ultra can help you identify these elements and come with a web design that earns you reputable customers.


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