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A man is writing his brief regarding a website project.

What Is a Brief, and Why Is It So Important?

A brief is a document that contains detailed information about the project. It’s a series of questions related to the business and the work to be performed, which must be filled out by the business owner. The brief greatly helps the web designer to plan appropriately. When creating a website or a logo/brand, it must be filled out.

Why is this necessary?

Without a brief, the plans and the project would be based on guesswork. The designer would be forced to rely on his own intuition regarding the project since the appropriate information would not be available from the business owner. It is possible that the finished work would not serve the purpose for which it was created or would not be addressed to the right target audience.

Without a brief, multiple modifications are likely necessary for a project. However, with a properly completed one, the web designer can create a consciously designed and structured logo/brand or website that serves the right goals and addresses the right target audience.

What questions does a brief contain?

It contains questions regarding the business’s purpose, market position, and target audience, among other things.
There are different questions for a logo and a website design.

If it’s a creative brief, the question can be, ‘Is there a special, unique story related to the company?’.
And if we’re talking about a website design brief, you need to answer a question like ‘What is the website’s primary purpose?’.

The customer may think, ‘I’m not a marketing specialist; how can I fill this out?’ No need to worry; We can help you answer the questions correctly. We don’t give an answer – we can’t give – but we’ll share our advice on what to think about the given question to get the right, correct answer.

Why is the brief important to fill out correctly?

A poorly completed brief can reduce the effectiveness of the finished project. For example, if the business owner doesn’t know who actually wants to supply, how would we know that? We can only guess about this.
Therefore, the brief must be filled out correctly. As I mentioned above, we will even help with it if necessary.

Another advantage of the brief

If it is already prepared, it may be helpful to others. E.g. for the content writer, if there is no available website content yet, it also needs to be written.
From the questions that have already been answered in the brief, the content writer can also extract valuable information to create compelling text for the website.


The brief contains basic information about the business and how the given logo/brand or website should be created to be as effective as possible, meet the client’s requirements and target the right audience.
It is essential to complete it and complete it correctly to achieve the desired goals.


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